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『Bird Woman』クラウドファンディング目標達成 “Bird Woman” crowdfunding goal achieved

女性の社会的な物語に寄り添う映画作家の大原とき緒が監督を務め、国際映画祭のプログラマーとして数十年活躍するGertjan Zuilhofが脚本を書いた新作短編映画「Bird Woman」の制作費用を募るプロジェクト。
This project is to raise funds for the production of a new short film “Bird Woman” directed by Tokio Ohara, a filmmaker who stays close to women’s social stories, and written by Gertjan Zuilhof, an international film festival programmer for decades. The film depicts the empowerment and revolution of women in pandemic Tokyo. The BIRD WOMAN will be created using live action without the addition of CG or animation. Once completed, the film will be submitted to international film festivals.

おかげ様で、『Bird Woman』のクラウドファンディングが3月5日正午に終了。
Crowdfunding of “Bird Woman” ends at noon on March 5th.
The initial target amount of 1,000,000yen was achieved on February 28, in the end, 219 supporters supported 1,250,025yen. we are really thankful to them.

映画情報どっとこむ ralph

『Bird Woman』


鳥に変身することで自分の力を見つけた女性。 女性達のエンパワーメント、革命。

100年に一度のパンデミックに見舞われる東京。それでも朝の通勤電車は相変わらず混雑している。口を覆うマスクの息苦しさ、マスクで顔を隠していることを利用して痴漢をしてくる 男たち、すべてにうんざりしているトキ。ある朝、トキは、動物のマスクを手掛ける友達に、朱鷺(トキ)のマスクを注文する。そしてそのマスクを着け、電車に乗ったトキは思いもよらぬ行動をとる。それがたちまち SNS で話題になり、映像はウィルスの様に拡散されていく。

瞬く間にヒーロー になった「 Bird Woman 」に賛同し、鳥のマスクを着ける女性たちが次々と現れる。やがて事態は警察や政治をまきこみ、一旦は沈静化したように思えたが 。女性たちの解放はやがて、東京から、世界中へと広がっていく 。

A woman finds her power by changing into a bird.

Tokyo is suffering from a once-in-a-century pandemic. Yet the morning commuter trains are as crowded as ever. Toki is fed up with the suffocation of the mask covering her mouth, and the men who take advantage of the fact that her face is hidden by the mask to molest her. One morning, Toki orders a Toki (Japanese Crested Ibis) mask from a friend who makes masks for animals, and when she puts it on and gets on the train, she does something unexpected. This immediately becomes a topic of conversation on SNS, and the image spreads like a virus.

In the blink of an eye, the “Bird Woman” becomes a hero, and women wearing bird masks appear one after another in support of her. Eventually, the police and politicians get involved, and the situation seems to have calmed down for a while, but… The liberation of women soon spreads from Tokyo to the rest of the world.
Bird woman

映画情報どっとこむ ralph 監督・出演(トキ役):大原とき緒
Bird woman

脚本:Gertjan Zuilhof ・ヘルチャン・ツィホッフ
Bird woman

Behind the Project
Bird woman
She is an autodidact filmmaker with an interest in women’s social stories. She made shorts and an experimental feature and studied the intriguing cinema world of French master Jacques Rivette.

WRITER and ARTWORK:Gertjan Zuilhof
Bird woman
He was a programmer of International Film Festival Rotterdam for 25 years. He is a professional programmer for international film festivals, but during the Corona lock downs, he started writing scripts. First for the wild Philippine filmmaker Khavn and later for himself and also short films for Tokio Oohara.

His unique scripts show he saw a huge number of movies, which he does not want to imitate. He follows his fantasy, like in his drawings. He has been drawing since he was a boy. He still draws like a boy, but he likes his boy drawings.


Director・監督:Tokio Oohara・大原とき緒
Writer・脚本:Gertjan Zuilhof
Bird Mask Artist: Daphne Zuilhof
Associate producer: Yoko Kuraishi・倉石ようこ
Producer:Tokio Oohara・大原とき緒
製作:movies label will

Director:Tokio Oohara
Writer:Gertjan Zuilhof
Bird Mask Artist: Daphne Zuilhof
Associate producer: Yoko Kuraishi
Producer:Tokio Oohara
Product:movies label will


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